TODO List to reach BETA


Modeler And Animators

- Toad Village
   - Knight Enemy / Goat Enemy / Mage Enemy / Double Header Lab Assistant enemy / chicken / frog /

   - Prince (When the fog kisses crash)
   - Custom enemy with a medieval theme or custom animation for those above
- Conditions

 - Has to be made on Blender so you can send me the .blend file

 - If you are going to animate please use only bones , do not use shape keys

- the models has to be low poly (based on crash warped)



- Full Rest API
   - A Complete CRUD system to this API -

   - Need to be made on GDScript Language


Audio Designers

- Remix for 2 OST from warped
   - Main Menu Theme
   - Toad Village
- Your own music crash style


Gameplay Testers

- You can download the source from github and install godot 3 beta 2 and play the game for finding bugs, glitches and test performance , all these informations are important.


Baltazar at Crash Worlds Community on Discord Channel